Our activities include various short-term, long-term, regular and systematic projects (social, educational, cultural, charitable, spiritual and sports) at regional, national and international levels.

National Projects

We run several projects at the national level. Among them are: GODZONE – an evangelization programme for young people, Katarínka and Dubova Colonorum summer camps aimed at preservation of historical monuments, ANEM – language summer camps offering English and German classes, a pilgrimage from Muráň to Levoča (a popular pilgrimage place). Newer projects include the Rebelution movement, inspired by the book Do Hard Things by the Harris brothers and a prayer project TVOJA VEC, through which we invited people to pray and fast before the 2012 elections and to "adopt" the members of our Parliament.

Formation and Education

One of our priorities is the formation and education of our members. In 2011 we obtained the accreditation of the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic for an educational programme entitled "School for Animators". It takes place in 11 places in Slovakia and its goal is to prepare young people for active participation in their local churches. We organized a one-year training programme of counselling and spiritual guiding in 2010. The following year a school for young leaders was opened. Additionally, we organize Alpha course and H2O – A Journey of Faith in many towns around the country to share our faith with other young people. 

Volunteering Projects

Most of our activities are based on voluntary work of young people, who participate in our projects in their free time and without financial recompense. In cooperation with the town of Spišská Belá our volunteers opened a "low-threshold" club for children and young people called FACE CLUB in March 2011. In the European Year of Volunteering, we carried out a project called The Power of Volunteering, whose goal was to promote the concept of volunteering and to provide young people with opportunities to volunteer in local communities in Važec and Krížová Ves. In cooperation with a civic organization Yes, We Can we made charity collections of old clothes. Other volunteering activities include: You Can Change It and 72 Hours Without Compromises – a national initiative of the Youth Council of Slovakia.

International Projects

As an accredited host and sending organization for European Voluntary Service (part of the Youth in Action Programme) we have been sending young people aged 18-30 abroad as volunteers. We have also taken part in various international projects and cooperated with foreign youth organizations.

Music Festivals

We organize a great number of Christian music festivals in different parts of Slovakia. Some of them have had a long tradition (Campfest in Kráľova Lehota, Voľnosť na Nevoľnom in Nevoľné, Hajdukfest in Levoča), other started to write their history only a short time ago (Life in the Light in Stará Ľubovňa, Amnesty fest in Spišská Nová Ves, Špekfest in Liptovská Teplička).



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